If you love Whole Body Cryotherapy and want to use it on a regular basis to achieve your health and recovery goals, then take advantage of our membership options, which offer huge savings, as well as, additional benefits including member exclusive discounts on other services 

  • Bronze

    Every month
    Bronze Monthly Membership
    • Whats included?
    • 1x Whole Body Cryo Sessions Per Week (4 per month)
    • 10% off additional CryoBright services
  • Silver

    Every month
    Silver Monthly Membership
    • What's included?
    • 2 x Whole Body Cryo Sessions Per Week (8 per month)
    • 2 x Compression or CryoFace Sessions Per Week (8 per month)
    • 15% off additional CryoBright services
  • Gold

    Every month
    Gold Monthly Membership
    • What's included each Month?
    • Unlimited Whole Body Cryo
    • Unlimited Leg Compression
    • Unlimited CryoFace
    • Unlimted Infrared Sauna
    • 20% off additional CryoBright services

Prices inclusive of VAT. T&C's apply. Once you have purchased your membership, credits will be added to your personal account. You'll then be able to schedule your sessions using our online booking system.

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