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Speed up your body’s own natural means of recovery and quickly climb back to your peak performance levels with the proven, medical-grade technology that addresses muscle pain at its source.

The trusted brand choice for professional athletes across the globe, the RecoveryPump® pneumatic leg compression system helps flush out muscle aches, pains and soreness by massaging your limbs and mobilising fluid, shortening the time needed for recovery.  Suitable for anyone suffering from muscle fatigue, swelling and soreness, or rehabilitating from surgery. A perfect therapy if you are seeking faster recovery after a tough game, long run, cycle or heavy squat session!




Improves recovery for faster return to training or competition

Improves readiness for exercise

Reduced muscle soreness

Remove inflammation in the joint, soft tissue and muscle tissue

Reduced risk of injury 


Reduces fatigue and soreness in muscles

Faster post-op recovery

Clears metabolic waste build-up

Restores the natural delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle

Increase blood circulation

The RecoveryPump® system simulates localised “active recovery” in a passive manner because the therapy is conducted at rest.  It increases blood circulation through the sequence of applying compression to help clear metabolic waste build-up and restores the natural delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. The RecoveryPump® System can be used daily as an aggressive recovery treatment for fatigued muscles.

  • Your appointment will include a 20min pre programmed cycle in the RecoveryPump®  compression leggings

  • You will relax in a 'zero gravity' reclining  chair where can watch TV, read a magazine or just enjoy the 20 mins rest quietly!

  • Gym leggings, tights  or light weight tracksuit bottoms and socks must be worn under the compression leggings. Please ensure you bring these with you to your appointment.

All of our services are non-invasive & non-medical procedures for those who are seeking to naturally improve health and wellness. Although they can offer relief from symptoms, they are not intended to diagnose or cure any injury or disease.


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