Relax, recover, and recharge in our state-of-the-art infrared sauna - featuring Tecoloy Low EMF technology.

Unlike traditional saunas, which use heat to warm the air, infrared saunas emit far infrared  light which safely penetrates the skin, raising the body's  temperature from within.  A comfortable and relaxing therapy to support detoxification, weight loss, muscle recovery and pain relief.


Our infrared sauna produces the same far infrared heat produced by the sun, but without the harmful ultraviolet waves that the sun gives off.  The radiant heat within the cabin surrounds your body and penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues increasing oxygen flow and circulation.



Exposure to  infrared heat increases  blood circulation and stimulates your sweat glands, aiding the release of built-up toxins in your body.  Sauna sweating can help detoxify your body as it rids itself of accumulated heavy metals, chemicals and environmental pollutants. 


As your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart works harder to pump blood at a greater rate to boost circulation. This increase in your metabolism will burn calories in a similar way to exercise.



Far Infrared heat relieves muscle tension and helps peripheral blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscle and soft tissue injuries. Infrared heat also reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms as muscle joints and fibers are heated.



During an infrared sauna session, impurities are flushed out, reducing blemishes, while the stimulation of collagen and elastin has been shown to improve skin tone, even out pigmentation and reduce wrinkles.  Infrared saunas are a beneficial way to heal and detoxify the skin if you suffer with a skin problem, such as acne, chronic dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. 


The use of an infrared sauna can help strengthen your immune system by increasing white blood cell production, triggering the immune system, releasing impurities, improving blood circulation, regenerating cells, and promoting relaxation. 



  • Sessions in the sauna last for a maximum of 30mins. If you are new to infrared saunas then you may wish to start with10-20 mins for your first few sessions and then build up the exposure time gradually. This is to allow time for your body to adapt.

  • The sauna is located in a dedicated treatment room, which you will have sole access to for the duration of your session, so privacy is assured.

  • Our sauna features a bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music or an audiobook, if you have bluetooth enabled device.

  • Feel free to bring a book or magazine to pass the time, or, if you would prefer, use the time to close your eyes and relax.

  • Appointment windows are 45 mins. This allows for up to 30 mins in the sauna + time to undress/dress

  • It is important to stay well hydrated throughout your session in the sauna - fresh water and paper cups will be provided, but please consider bringing a water bottle to refill.

  • Clean towels will be provided. However, if you would rather bring your own or additional towels please feel free to do so. 

  • N.B We do not have shower facilities on site.

All of our services are non-invasive & non-medical procedures for those who are seeking to naturally improve health and wellness. Although they can offer relief from symptoms, they are not intended to diagnose or cure any injury or disease.  

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