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Are you a sports team coach,  PT,  manager of a small team of employees or a group of friends looking  to do something a bit different together, then why not consider booking a private wellness or recovery session at Cryobright.


Sports Groups

We offer bespoke recovery sessions at great value for your team, giving them access to cutting edge technologies to enhance their recovery and performance. Ideal for pre competition prep or post competition recovery.

Recovery is a crucial component of any training regimen. Participating in a group recovery session can promote team building, reinforce recovery objectives, provide education and boost overall wellbeing and performance for a sports team or group of athlete


Social Groups

We can design a bespoke wellness session for your group, giving them access to a range of cutting edge technologies and therapies to relax, recharge and enhance health and wellbeing.

If you would like to speak to us about a private group wellness or recovery session, please get in touch 

01273 777474

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