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The Science 


Whole body Cryotherapy uses extreme cold as a STIMULUS to trigger a  REACTION in the brain, leading to the ADAPTATION of the body to the new environment. After stepping out of the chamber, the RESTORATION  process begins.


It is through this 4 stage process that Whole Body Cryotherapy can successfully unlock the body's incredible natural ability to  heal and restore. 


Thermoreceptor Stimulation   - When you enter the Cryotherapy chamber, the extremely low temperature stimulates thermoreceptors in the your skin, which in turn, send signals to your sympathetic nervous system - the part of our nervous system responsible for reacting to dangerous or stressful situations.


Fight or Fight Response - The rapid drop in skin temperature triggers the hypothalamus (a small region at the base of the brain that plays a crucial role in many important functions of the body, including releasing hormones and regulating body temperature) which perceives the environment as a survival threat and activates our natural "fight or flight"response, initiating a number of physiological reactions in the body.


Peripheral Vasoconstriction  -  The  blood vessels narrow in the arms and legs and blood flow is slowed. When such a vasoconstriction occurs in the periphery, the majority of your blood is sent to the core to keep it warm and protect your vital organs. When the blood is constricted to the core it is being replenished with oxygen and nutrients. Your blood is being supercharged!

Release of Happy Hormones - Science has proved that there is an increased release in ‘happy hormones’ when using Whole Body Cryotherapy, which provide a sense of euphoria and less pain sensation. Happy hormones which are  released during Whole Body Cryotherapy include: Noradrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphins and Oxytocin. The release of such hormones has many positive effects on your mind and body: 

Reduction of nerve conductive velocity - Our nerves are electric cables, they guide electricity around our body. By making our nerves cold, the movement of electricity over the cables slows down. When its slower you have an adaption of your pain signal which can help  you feel less pain.

Muscle Relaxation - As a result of reduced nerve velocity, your muscle fibres relax. Muscle spasms and cramping ease and you experience less pain and muscle soreness.

Anti-Inflammatory Response - Whole Body Cryotherapy deceases production of pro-inflammatory cytokine and increases production of anti-inflammatory cytokines (small proteins that play an important role in human health and they function to help regulate the inflammatory and immune responses)


Vasodilation - Once you step out of the chamber and back into normal temperatures, rapid vasodilation occurs. Vasodilation is the widening of the blood vessels. The brain reacts to the vasodilation and the blood vessels, arteries and capillaries open to 4 x their normal size and the enriched, super charged, oxygen rich blood is released from the core and rushes around the body, The body feels energised.

Reduction of Oxidative Stress -  After a whole-body cryotherapy session, the body’s total anti-oxidative status is increased. The body achieves an improved ability to eliminate free radicals, naturalize toxins and repair cellular damage. This process can lead to a powerful anti-aging effects.

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